Take The Change Challenge

June 14, 2009

Series: The Change Challenge

Passage: James 1:18-25

Speaker: Pastor Glenn Harvison

Tags: christian, sermon, harvison

Questions from James 1:18-25

1. Is there some area in your life where you know you need change?

2. What keeps you from changing?

3. How silly is that?


God's desire is for me to change

1. God's desire is to make me a changed person:

  • "born again"
  • "righteous"
  • "blessed"

2. God's desire is for me to become a change agent


Three Change-Breakers

1. Wrong desires

2. Conflicting desires

3. The desire to go my own way


Three Change-Makers

1. Stop talking back: listen to the Word

2. Take off that "gutter garb": receive the Word

3. Hang on to that mirror: become the Word