Life Groups


Life Groups


Due to the current health situation and the Governor of Connecticut’s Executive Order, we are unable to have public worship services at this time, or to host Life Groups at the church building.

Life Groups are encouraged to continue meeting using online platforms! For more information and for assistance, please contact Pastor Anitta Tilly at .


At Harvest Time, our Life Groups give you many opportunities to grow in friendship and in faith. You can find prayer groups, Bible studies, freedom groups, and interest groups of many different kinds. Groups meet throughout the week at the church campus, in homes, and other locations around the area.

FAQ On Life Groups

1. How do I see available Life Groups?
Click here for an up-to-date booklet of current Groups! You can print it or download it.

2. What are Life Groups?
Life Groups are part of our new vision for HTC that will see us doing more ministry through small gatherings. Life Groups are meant to help you grow in friendship and faith!

3. Who are Life Groups for?
Everyone! There will be groups suitable for all adults, as well as groups just for men, women, couples, singles, young adults, senior adults, teens, parents, moms, and more.

4. What kind of groups are there?
There will be prayer groups, study groups, freedom groups, and interest groups of many different kinds. 

5. When do Life Groups meet?
There will be groups meeting on every day of the week, and there are daytime groups as well as evening groups.

6. Where will Life Groups be meeting?
Some groups will meet on the church campus on King Street, some at homes and other locations in the region.

7. How can I join a Life Group?
Sign up for Life Groups through Realm on the Web or through the Realm Connect app.

8. I can only participate on one particular day of the week. How can I see what Life Groups are running then?
You can visit our Calendar on this website or check out our Google Calendar and see what Groups are available on any given day.

9. What if I need help finding a Group or using Realm?
Call the church office at (203) 531-7778, or contact Pastor Anitta Tilly.

10. I’m interested in leading a Life Group or hosting a group at my home or business. What should I do?
Speak to Pastor Anitta and she’ll help you get started!