Praying For Revival Fire

February 17, 2010

Passage: Acts 4:13-33

Speaker: Pastor Nick Uva

Tags: sermons, christianity, uva

Praying Hands - hands clasped together in...


1. What is revival?

a. A term with many different meanings to people

b. Using the term "revival" presupposes there has been a decline

i. Deadness instead of life

ii. Dryness instead of living water

iii. Duty instead of love for Christ

c. Revival is the Church returning to a burning devotion to God, allowing Him to have full sway in and through the Church. It results in:

i. A pure Church

ii. A powerful Church

iii. A purposeful Church

d. True revival places Christ again on the Throne of the Church

i. His Person instead of men’s persons

ii. His Presence instead of manipulation

iii. His Power instead of “manpower”


2. What is revival fire?

a. It isn’t emotionalism

b. It isn’t even miracles

c. It is the Holy Spirit himself coming and removing what offends and hinders God from doing all that is in His heart to do


3. What does revival prayer look like?

a. It is honest

b. It is passionate

c. It is united

d. It magnifies God

e. It understands God’s heart

f. It humbly seeks what it needs, not what the world needs

g. It has strong confidence in the arm of the Lord


4. What are the results of praying for revival fire?

a. The place is shaken

b. People are filled afresh with the Holy Spirit

c. The Word is proclaimed

d. Supernatural grace enables you to work above the limits of your personality

e. Believers walk with one heart

f. Believers walk with one soul

g. Brotherly love and care flow unhindered

h. Our witness will be accompanied by the dynamic power of God

i. The Risen Christ becomes our focus

j. Great favor from God rests upon our lives