April 26, 2009

Passage: Luke 19:11-27

Speaker: Pastor Glenn Harvison

Pragmateuomai is a banking term that means to invest with positive results.

Jesus told this parable because He was drawing near to Jerusalem. This raises the question: what do we do when it appears as if the Kingdom is going to appear at any moment?

1. We have inside scoop on our King.

  • He is worthy
  • He is a giver

2. We have inside scoop on our times.

  • We live in a time in which our king is physically absent but his authority remains here.
  • The dissension of some does not diminish his authority.
  • If he really is coming soon, let him not find us coasting.

3. We have inside scoop on ourselves.

  • We have been given a living deposit. The servants seems to credit their success to the power of the deposit.
  • He's given us a deposit of the Spirit.


His commission is His permission - it is a call, a commandment, and a blessing all in one!