How to be Extraordinary... When I Feel So Ordinary!

April 19, 2009

Passage: Genesis 37:1-41:46

Speaker: Pastor Chris Willis

Tags: christian, sermon, harvest time, joseph, chris willis

Genesis 39:2 "And God was with Joseph..."

Joseph did what any 17 year old under the same circumstances would do IF HE KNEW GOD WAS WITH HIM

Genesis 39:7-9: the story of Potiphar's wife

"Remember, sometimes God is Extraordinarily SILENT but He's NEVER ABSENT." (Andy Stanley)

Gen. 39:21: "But when Joseph was in the prison, God was with Joseph..."

Gen. 40:14: Please remember me!

Gen. 40:23: The cupbearer forgets him.

Gen. 41:15-16: I cannot do it - but God can!

Gen. 41:41-44, 46: Thirteen years of preparation