Discovery Track


Discovery Track

Discovery Track is a four-week course that introduces new people to HTC and helps them find their place in our church family. A great feature of Discovery Track are the special segments that helps believers identify their spiritual gifts and find a place to express them.

Discovery Track meets every Sunday morning at 9:30 AM, except for any 5th Sunday of the month.

Click here to register for the March, 2020 Session!

In Week One of Discovery Track, you’ll discover your faith – learn what it means to believe.

Join us for Week Two of Discovery Track and discover your church – find out what it means to belong!

At Week Three of Discovery Track, you can discover your purpose – see how God made you unique and special.

In Week Four of Discovery Track, discover your place – learn to be light and see how you can become a part of our Dream Team.

Got more questions about Discovery Track? Contact the Church Office at (203) 531-7778.