God has called us to fulfill four purposes:

Worship: We're called to worship in spirit and truth.

Proclamation & Demonstration: We're called to share the message of Jesus and lead people into dynamic encounters with Him.

A Light to the Nations: We're called to be a church with global influence, modeling the love and goodness of Jesus Christ to Greenwich and the world.

Prayer: We are called to pray for the well-being and spiritual advance of Greenwich and the region.

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We are called to worship in spirit and truth. In John 4:23 Jesus told the woman at the well that the Father is looking for worshippers. At Harvest Time, we believe worship is the primary reason we were created. Psalm 149 says that God takes pleasure in us when we worship Him.

We believe worship begins with the heart, not the mouth. Jesus said, "Those who worship Him must worship in spirit and in truth." More important than any particular style of music or expressions of worship, we believe that "spirit and truth" refers to the conviction and the content of our worship. Biblical Christianity is not a matter of religious rituals and traditions, but a matter of the heart.

During our services, people are free to express their worship through singing, the lifting up of hands, dancing, kneeling, waving banners or playing instruments. Often, people spontaneously gather at the altar during worship as an expression of drawing near to God. We believe that as we worship, we invite the presence of the Lord to our lives, our church and our community.


Proclamation & Demonstration:

We are called to share the message of Jesus and also lead people into dynamic encounters with Him.

In the introduction to Acts, Dr. Luke says that his Gospel is the story of "all that Jesus began to do and to teach." That is a profound and helpful definition of the "Gospel"- it is both doing and teaching. Paul agreed when he wrote to the Thessalonians, "Our Gospel came to you not simply with words, but also with power, with the Holy Spirit, and with deep conviction."

We like to call this Proclamation & Demonstration - meaning that the Gospel is both an important message about God and a dynamic encounter with God. We believe that our members should share the Gospel with signs and wonders following. We are moving forward with the ministry of Proclamation & Demonstration by equipping our members to introduce others to both the message and power of Jesus Christ.

In Matthew 18:20 Jesus said, "Where two or three are gathered in my name, I am there in the midst of them." That's why we expect to encounter His presence and power every time we gather for worship, and so we always make room for the Holy Spirit to touch people through the Gifts of the Spirit. In response to our faith, we have seen several dramatic healing miracles and life transformations.


A Light to the Nations:

We are called to be a church with global influence, modeling the love and goodness of Jesus Christ to Greenwich and the world.

From the beginning, we've understood that God strategically placed us in Greenwich, a community of worldwide influence; among our residents are people who shape global media, economics and culture. As the acquisition of our property at 1338 King Street unfolded, we began to see God's purposes even more clearly.

The history of any community is significant to the development of its "spiritual DNA." We believe that an event in the 1940s points to one of God's purposes for Harvest Time today:

In 1945 the US State Department had plans to build the headquarters of the United Nations here in Greenwich . The vision was a model community for the world containing a universal library, museums, a global law and justice university, as well as the U. N. General Assembly. Although 60 other cities were competing, the State Department planned to seize more than half the land in Greenwich, including our church property, to build "Unoville."

Although "Unoville" never materialized due to the resistance of local residents, we believe that this event points to a purpose God has for Harvest Time. One of the unique qualities of Harvest Time is our diversity. From across the globe - Hispanics, Africans, Asians, Pacific Islanders and Caucasians - God has called us together to be a model of love, reconciliation and harmony, united under the banner of Jesus Christ. God has positioned us here to influence those who influence the world.



We are called to pray for the well-being and spiritual advance of Greenwich and the region.

God has always used intercessors to shape the course of human history. These "watchmen on the walls" discern the signs of the times through prophetic insight and revelation. Intercessors are uniquely gifted to fervently entreat God on behalf of others. Having their prayers empowered by godliness, intercessors labor in the Spirit for the advance of God's Kingdom and righteousness among a specific group or in a specific place.

God has called Harvest Time to the ministry of intercession for Greenwich and the entire metropolitan region north of New York City. Together with intercessors from several local congregations, the Connecticut House of Prayer, and the Strategic Prayer Network, we are covering the region with a blanket of intercession.

Our long-term vision is to construct a Prayer Center consisting of a chapel and several smaller chambers that are available on a 24/7 basis for the ministry of intercession. As part of the Prayer Center our vision is to develop a Healing Center that offers a combination of prayer for physical healing, deliverance ministry and Christian counseling.

Although the physical Prayer Center structure is in the future, the prayer ministries of Harvest Time are moving forward today. Our prayer room located on the main level of the building is available for those who want to pray and members of our congregation have pursued formal education and certification for the ministry of Christian counseling.