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YOU'RE INVITED to join us for two very special drive-in services this Memorial Day Weekend! We'll be practicing social distancing but we'll be one in spirit!

WHEN? On Sunday, May 24th, we'll be worshiping outside in our parking lot at 10:00 AM and then again at 11:30 AM. (Our normal service times are being changed that day in order to be kind to our neighbors!)

HOW DO I PARTICIPATE? To make sure we comply with social distancing, you MUST have a ticket to attend. When you RSVP on the Eventbrite website you will receive your ticket for your vehicle. You need to get one ticket per vehicle, not one ticket per person. (Scroll to the bottom for the Eventbrite links!)

IMPORTANT! If you come on campus without a ticket, we might not be able to admit you. You might also be asked to wait for a parking space to become available. So, please make sure you RSVP promptly.

WHAT WILL IT BE LIKE? When you come to church that day, we'll be enjoying worship and the Word as always. Vehicles will be separated so we can't park right next to each other, and we’ll have to remain in contact with our vehicles. We won't be able to wander around or greet our friends. But, by all means, use your sun roof, sit on the hood, sit in the bed of your pickup truck, whatever works –– just remain in contact with your vehicle. You'll be able to see well from every parking space, and the sound will be great everywhere!

CHOOSE ONE SERVICE! You'll have to decide whether to come at 10:00 AM or at 11:30 AM. There's a separate ticket for each service, so pick carefully.

SEE YOU THEN! We hope to see you on Sunday the 24th – it's going to be a great morning of celebration!


For the 10:00 AM Service: https://bit.ly/HT-May24-1000AM

For the 11:30 AM Service: https://bit.ly/HT-May24-1130AM

Scroll to the bottom for your tickets for these special services!